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Huck Weaving …here I come

Ok…material hemmed (and not by me).  At this time I will throw out a thank you to my dear friend with a working sewing machine (not saying that mine doesn’t) and the ability to sew a straight seam (that’s the part I have trouble with).  I owe you girl.  I also washed it and now will iron it flat (I think I can handle that since it is is a  smallish rectangle and has no pleats).   I do think that I am domestically challenged.    Once I find my needle and pack it all up with the pearl cotton, scissors, and pattern I think I am ready.

Can you say happy…I can say happy..I can even spell it.  It is spelled…N-E-W-P-R-O-J-E-C-T.   What more could a person want.  New year, new project and I have been digging in my stash of UFOs and I think I have narrowed down what I want to work on this year.  I will display it after my final decision.

As to the rest of you…grab a project and keep it on the sideline for those days you are tired of the priority project and spend a few minutes working on a past but promising project you would love to get done.  Time is always the factor…and good lighting.

Now I have a question for you… What do you do with those lovely little projects you do to learn a new technique.  Would love to see the end results in a picture.  Will post them.


2019 Begins

As per usual, I begin the new year with the hope of learning new things, finishing some projects on the go (otherwise known as UFOs, WIPs, and other assorted letters) and having a bit of fun.

This month…it is the fun.  Huck weaving.  Although I have done Swedish weaving (same technique but with different materials) I have always wanted to do the finer work on the Huck cloth.  I have read about the towels and linens that were usually found in a home (especially around the 1930s) and wanted to try my hand. For a bit more history on Huck weaving you can take a look around the internet and find a few histories etc. on it.

On January 8th, I will take my pearl cotton, my hemmed and pre-washed fabric and my blunt needle and start my project.  Oh the joy of starting a new project. And no guilt.  I have actually finished a few projects that were Christmas presents so I feel no guilt…at least not yet.

I have promised myself that in January I will pick one of my UFOs and put it on the top of my priority list to finish.  It isn’t that I loose interest…it is more that they get interrupted by other more pressing issues (deadline gifts and that 8 hrs a day we give to the thing called a job not to mention other commitments such as volunteer work).  We will not mention the fun new projects we get to try through the guild.

I will be showing the Huck weaving as we go along…and I will show you the project that I intend to finish… if you have any you are trying to finish (New Year’s resolution anyone?) let me know.  Always great to hear what other people are working on.  Possibly give me more incentive to relax and stitch (always better than dusting).


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Drive Safe

Ornaments have been exchanged (pictures in the new year), food has been eaten, sweets have been consumed, people wish you Merry Christmas (for those who partake), Happy Holidays and of course due to what is normally the expectation of the annual Christmas Blizzard…Drive Safe. And it is only the 21st of December.  Christmas Day will be here soon and turkeys and hams (whooo – just had visions and the soundtrack of the Grinch go through my head) are on the near horizon (though I think I have had 2 or 4 or so turkey dinners so far).  They year is running down to the end.

Now of course with the ultimate of gift giving time come to the end there is only one thing left to do….start looking through the web and magazines and stash to see what you are going to work on next.  I am eyeing things for next Christmas, birthdays and of course someday something for me…..someday.

So sit back and enjoy the end of 2018 …flip through some magazines…remember nothing is binding until you state it out loud to the receiver.  Dream some dreams…check the stash….enjoy the journey.


Barb’s Patchwork…continues….

Whoo Hooo someone loves me…they sent me pics of how the project is going along with some of the guild.  I must admit I am jealous.  The workmanship and the colours are so great.  I just keep think …with I had picked those… and an occasional thought of …wouldn’t that look lovely in MY house.  I know.  Green with envy here.  What about you….take a look…

Gotta love the work they do.  Here are some more.

Some are as written and some have been modified. Gotta love them.

Gingerbread People Like to Read Too

I must admit I like my library system in our region.  Books, ebooks, videos, and a whole host of other related and even non related items.  I have to admit…I even chose my place of residence based on how close it was to a library.  OK I will confess…I don’t like my library…I LOVE my library.

Now the other thing I got to admit is fun is that they invite groups in to do things with their patrons.  I have seen music groups…choirs…knitting lessons.. and of course us, let me rephrase that… US, the Kitchener-Waterloo Embroiderers Guild !! 

Our course (we held two sessions) was the making of a Christmas ornament.  The result, between giggles and questions, were gingerbread people.  Here are some shots of a couple in progress.

With quickly mastered skill our students maneuvered some brown felt and some coloured thread into a Christmas ornament to use for years to come.  (Mine will also if I can keep it away from my cats.)  I hope our  students enjoyed their time with us, as a teaching guild we enjoy passing on our enjoyment of creating something by hand.

Here are a few shots of some finished creations…

Stanley Park Library Display

Well November is here and December is approaching.  Cold weather means there are days that are just more enjoyable when you don’t leave your house.  Rainy days…sleety days (is that really a word) and those days when the ice under the slush just makes a couch, a lamp, some fabric and a needle and floss your favorite friend.

December also means Christmas to most of us…whether we celebrate it or not, you can’t miss it’s passing so……..

Welcome to our display at the Library.  Among other items (and yes seeing it live is better so if you are heading to the Stanley Park Library in Kitchener, stop for a view) you will see a lot of the Christmas ornaments that have been made  and exchanged over the years between our members.  Must admit I don’t know which is better.  Making one to give away, or receiving one that someone else made.  Whoooo Hoooo must get onto finishing the one I will be exchanging this year.  No hints….guild members read this too.

Now as much as I could sit and stare at all these pretty things for hours (while stitching on something at the same time of course) I must get ready for Saturday.  Our guild is teaching a class (actually two) on simple embroidery.  The classes are sold out at this time and I am definitely looking forward to teaching at it.  The things you can do seated in a comfortable chair.  If I can get some pictures I will put them up after the course is over.

Now as any crafter no matter the medium knows what else goes on in November…. it is the countdown to having all the projects  you are working on as gifts suddenly loom up in front of you and say DEADLINE!! So putting all my cheeriness aside…OMG I really got to get back to my stitching so ….bye…

Barb’s Patchwork continued…

OK…now to show mine.  I know…talk about blowing your own horn but hey…I am also a musician.   I am not telling porkies here (those with any English background will know what that is) …I play woodwind…trust me.

Not my usual colour choices but I was trying to go outside my envelope with this.  I think I like it…but then again, if I decide I don’t love it totally… someone else will love it more then me.  I rarely get to keep my own creations… they use the guilt trip on me way too much.

I have loved stitching on this.  Pattern enough to keep me interested, but not too big.  May even make a few “changes” to it as I go on.  Who says I have to make a replica.  What more could a girl ask for…well more canvas work of course cause it is one of my favourite things.   All I can say is…keep on stitch’n people.  Have a great day.