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February 2021

So someone suggested a challenge and with February as the end date Hearts were suggested. Got to love a challenge during lock down….it passes the time and makes the brain turn to handwork and the all time favorite question…. what do I have in my stash that I can use.

So the challenge went forward and these are some of the results. Must admit I like the results. A pity none of the heart cookies ended up at my place…sigh…

Some of the things we worked on during 2020

Quarantine – How Handworkers Stay Sane

First – some people are working outside the home (thank you for keeping the essentials running…and I mean a deep thank you).  Some people are working from home (thank you for keeping the world turning as smoothly as possible at this time).  The rest of us seem to be blocked from doing the usual activities that make up our life.

None the less, being home far more than before (FAR MORE), lends us time to do a few more things around the house then usual.  Finish a few projects, start way to many new ones, and contemplate a few hundred that we would like to do…if we had the supplies.

Here… some of those projects….

January…can be so Crewel

Well This Tuesday (January 21, 2020) the guild will be starting the Crewel Embroidery class.  For those of you participating I can continue to come up with Crewel puns…..

Crewel Embroidery or Crewelwork is a form of surface embroidery that uses wool threads.  For those who enjoy surface embroidery I foresee a lot of enjoyment coming from learning the different techniques that will be taught during the course of the project.  I have seen the sample project (although, alas, I did not get a picture of it) and while I think it has a number for learning experiences with different stitches and techniques I also thought the squirrel quite cute….although I am partial to squirrels so I may be biased.

January seems the perfect time to have a project that you can sit in and pretend that the outside world is not happening.  At least for a few hours.  Ignore the snow and the ice and the cold temperatures and curl up with a good light, your project and some meditative time.  Personally…I am a movie in the background type of person…usually one I have already seen a few time.  Oh and don’t forget a beverage.




Happy New Year

2020.  Who would have thought.  Our guild meets again on January 7, 2020 and we will have our final class of Sashiko work.  If I am luck I may get some pictures I can post online here.  Then, we will move on to Crewel Work on the 21st.

So does anyone have a big project, or even a little one, that they are hoping fo finish in the wonderful new year.  Or maybe it is the starting of a project that is teasing at your mind.  With all the projects I am in the middle of …and a few I just started…I have a dream.  This needlepoint of poppies.  I know Stitch-It Central in London has it in their collection.  Shall I order online or see who may want a reason for a road trip.  I want that needlepoint.  No…I NEED that needlepoint.  Sigh…only other stitchers understand.

In the meantime, I do have a bellpull that I just started in cross stitch being slowly worked on….so soothing.  It has started to delight me now that at least one leaf now looks like a leaf instead of random blocks of colour.   Wait till the first flower shows itself.  Kind of like seeing spring pop up one snow drop or crocus at a time in your yard. I wonder if this is the reason I like jigsaw puzzles so much.

So feel free to let me know what you are finishing or what you starting…especially if it foreboden.  That one more project that should wait till you have finished something else but you didn’t…..

So next week is our “Bring Our Own” stitching evening.  For those of us stitching the shadow work, we may bring it to work on (there is always someone who can give a helping hand on the project) or we may bring something that is ongoing.  Always nice to sit and stitch with people.

For myself…homework (Shadow Work)…or one of my many WIPs or UFOs that I have floating around.  If I take my homework, it may not turn into a aUFO…there could be logic in that thought…

So far I have some leaves done…others who’s work I have seen are almost complete.   Darn job keeps me from stitching the number of hours I would like (that’s my story and I am sticking to it)…and we won’t talk about sleep…how many hours do we really need…..  20191001_205048


Fall 2019 – Shadow Work

Shadow Work Embroidery

“Shadow Work is a type of embroidery worked on semi-sheer or sheer fabric, with the bulk of the embroidery on the back of the design so that the color of the thread – or rather, a shadow of the color – shows through on the front of the fabric between two solid-colored outlines.”

I thought they succinctly stated that.  If you google on this form of embroidery you can find many different sites with beautiful pictures and  videos about it.  We, on the other had and an instructor who has patience to deal with those of us who are discovering the joy of this type of surface stitching.

Sometimes I wish I loved surface stitching as much as canvas and swedish weaving but… again… I do love to try them all out.  So this term we have started a project on Shadow work.  We will be doing a simple floral pattern (make it easy on us beginners) although Lea is branching out into something different.  Instead of the flower pattern she’s doing a funky Egyptian design! (see below)


Looking forward to see how all this progresses.  October 1st will be the second meeting for our shadow work design.  Take a look at our schedule if you want to see our teaching schedule and what type of handwork is being offered.

Along with starting this project our guild had a display at the Drumbo Fair on the 21st of September.  It was hot and sunny that day….got some compliments from the people looking at our selection of embroidery we were showing.  Always nice to know handwork is still appreciated.


Huck Weaving …here I come

Ok…material hemmed (and not by me).  At this time I will throw out a thank you to my dear friend with a working sewing machine (not saying that mine doesn’t) and the ability to sew a straight seam (that’s the part I have trouble with).  I owe you girl.  I also washed it and now will iron it flat (I think I can handle that since it is is a  smallish rectangle and has no pleats).   I do think that I am domestically challenged.    Once I find my needle and pack it all up with the pearl cotton, scissors, and pattern I think I am ready.

Can you say happy…I can say happy..I can even spell it.  It is spelled…N-E-W-P-R-O-J-E-C-T.   What more could a person want.  New year, new project and I have been digging in my stash of UFOs and I think I have narrowed down what I want to work on this year.  I will display it after my final decision.

As to the rest of you…grab a project and keep it on the sideline for those days you are tired of the priority project and spend a few minutes working on a past but promising project you would love to get done.  Time is always the factor…and good lighting.

Now I have a question for you… What do you do with those lovely little projects you do to learn a new technique.  Would love to see the end results in a picture.  Will post them.

2019 Begins

As per usual, I begin the new year with the hope of learning new things, finishing some projects on the go (otherwise known as UFOs, WIPs, and other assorted letters) and having a bit of fun.

This month…it is the fun.  Huck weaving.  Although I have done Swedish weaving (same technique but with different materials) I have always wanted to do the finer work on the Huck cloth.  I have read about the towels and linens that were usually found in a home (especially around the 1930s) and wanted to try my hand. For a bit more history on Huck weaving you can take a look around the internet and find a few histories etc. on it.

On January 8th, I will take my pearl cotton, my hemmed and pre-washed fabric and my blunt needle and start my project.  Oh the joy of starting a new project. And no guilt.  I have actually finished a few projects that were Christmas presents so I feel no guilt…at least not yet.

I have promised myself that in January I will pick one of my UFOs and put it on the top of my priority list to finish.  It isn’t that I loose interest…it is more that they get interrupted by other more pressing issues (deadline gifts and that 8 hrs a day we give to the thing called a job not to mention other commitments such as volunteer work).  We will not mention the fun new projects we get to try through the guild.

I will be showing the Huck weaving as we go along…and I will show you the project that I intend to finish… if you have any you are trying to finish (New Year’s resolution anyone?) let me know.  Always great to hear what other people are working on.  Possibly give me more incentive to relax and stitch (always better than dusting).


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Drive Safe

Ornaments have been exchanged (pictures in the new year), food has been eaten, sweets have been consumed, people wish you Merry Christmas (for those who partake), Happy Holidays and of course due to what is normally the expectation of the annual Christmas Blizzard…Drive Safe. And it is only the 21st of December.  Christmas Day will be here soon and turkeys and hams (whooo – just had visions and the soundtrack of the Grinch go through my head) are on the near horizon (though I think I have had 2 or 4 or so turkey dinners so far).  They year is running down to the end.

Now of course with the ultimate of gift giving time come to the end there is only one thing left to do….start looking through the web and magazines and stash to see what you are going to work on next.  I am eyeing things for next Christmas, birthdays and of course someday something for me…..someday.

So sit back and enjoy the end of 2018 …flip through some magazines…remember nothing is binding until you state it out loud to the receiver.  Dream some dreams…check the stash….enjoy the journey.