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Drawn Thread

Someone answered my wish and here is a picture of Diane’s tablecloth.  Beautiful work.


Drawn Thread

September 2016 was the beginning of our drawn thread work. Here is an example that was shown to us by the instructor.


Hosting the Ontario Annual Guild Meeting

Our Kitchener-Waterloo Guild is one of over 20 Embroidery Guilds in Ontario that are part of the Ontario Network of Needleworkers. (Check out the ONN website here: This year we have the privilege of hosting the Annual Guild Meeting here in Kitchener. Many of the Guilds from across Ontario will have displays of their embroidery work, and there will be a few vendors there too.

The grand finale of the day will be our guest speaker – Ray Dugan. Ray Dugan has hand-stitched a reproduction of the Bayeux Tapestry, which was recently featured in The Monuments Men film. The tapestry is already hung up on display at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, and reaches most of the way around the church gymnasium. It is really worth taking the time to see! You can find more information about it here:

Here is a photo of Ray with his tapestry:


(Photo Credit: David Bebee/Waterloo Region Record)

If you’re near Kitchener on May 10th, we encourage you to stop by!
The displays of Guild embroidery work, vendors, and Ray Dugan’s lecture are all open to the public. We just ask that you let us know if you plan to come so that we can set up enough chairs! You can RSVP by calling Maria at 519-744-8275.